Create a Life That Supports Your Dreams

When I talk to other massage therapists, particularly if they are just out of school, I tend to keep hearing the same types of things.  In the last 7 years, I have had to interview a lot of massage therapists for my practice and also when I did the massage auditions for Dr. Dot International for the area.  I would ask them what their goals are with regard to their massage career.  Most times they would simply say they wanted to work for a good spa or company doing massage.  That was it…

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So, when I hear a massage therapist say that – I think to myself – ok, so you just spent $8-10,000 on a massage therapy course and spent at least a year training to now  make $9-15 an hour working for a spa or a company like Massage Envy?  Heck, you could have made that type of money without spending all that money on education!

For me, yes, I decided when I left massage school that I wanted to work for a couple of high-end spas and get experience working in the spa environment so I was similar to the other massage therapists I talked to in that way, however, I also wanted more….

Vision For A New Life

You see, when I first made the decision to go to massage school, I was sitting at the last law firm I would ever work for.  I had been there almost two years.  I had been in the legal field working as a paralegal and legal secretary for almost 14 years.  I had worked in professional offices a total of about 20 years!  So, I sat there one day and realized that this was it.  Attorneys, who I used to admire and love being around, were now getting on my last nerve.  I began to resent the constant hustle and bustle and RIDICULOUS stress of the constant deadlines and demands that attorneys made on their staff – oftentimes because they were waiting until the last minute to get projects done!

A New Path Emerged

I sat there quietly one day and asked myself what else I would want to do.  Massage therapy came thru as clear as a bell in my spirit.  I had been getting massage for about 15 years and I could still recall walking out of the that very first massage appointment at Spa Sydell in Atlanta and looking around the spa thinking I COULD DO THIS ONE DAY.  I actually could see myself working on people and helping them to relax and help them to take better care of their health.  It is so funny how we can just file something away in our mind like that.

However, something else was on my mind.  I wanted to start a journey.  I wanted to create a LIFE.  I wanted a NEW life.  I wanted TIME FREEDOM.  I desired to make my own schedule; be my own person; create FINANCIAL FREEDOM.  I wanted to decide when I would take time off, when I would go on vacation and how often.  I wanted to decide what type environment I would work in.  I also wanted to have more time to devote to making my health better so I could be a better example to others.

I essentially, wanted to step outside the box – OUTSIDE THE NORM – and create something new and different for myself….

What about you?  How would you live your life every day if you had unlimited money and unlimited time?  Do these things mean anything to you?





If these things mean anything to you, please share below.  I would like to hear from you…


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